Torture Debate Puts Spotlight on Rhody Senators

Lil' Rhody may be a long way from Guantanamo, but the escalating debate over Bush-era interrogation methods is putting a big ol' spotlight on our two fair Senators.

Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed are calling for an independent commission to investigate W's adventures in waterboarding. And things could be getting a little awkward in the Senate hallways. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, after all, has come out in strong opposition - arguing that the Senate Intelligence Committee should complete a review of the matter over the next 6-8 months before any 9/11-style commission is established.

One wonders if Reid can hold off the MoveOn types howling for justice much longer, though. And Reid is facing tough questions, himself, about what he learned in classified briefings he received from Bush administration officials on interrogation methods.

Indeed, the Obama administration's release of Bush-era memos justifying harsh interrogation tactics seems to be roiling the Democratic Party almost as much as the GOP. One wonders if the Prez knew what he would unleash.

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