Concern cited on state sale of "Head of the Bay" property

Advocates of maximizing public use for the India Point waterfront fear the state may be putting the former Shooters property off for sale, at a widly discounted price tomorrow morning:

From David P. Riley:

We need about 25 people to come to the State Properties Committee public meeting on Tuesday to show support for our Head of the Bay Gateway vision for public use of Shooters. (Committee Chair Kevin Flynn has asked that we keep the number of people to about 25 because of the small meeting room.)
WHEN: 10am. Shooters is third on a short agenda, so the meeting probably won't last much more than an hour.
WHERE: Conference Room C, 2nd floor of the Dept of Administration state office building across Smith Street from the State House (modern bldg set back from street, next to the Transportation Dept's bldg).
WHY: To show support for public use of Shooters. The Committee will hear public comment on RIDOT's "request for approval to dispose of" the 1.7 acre Shooters parcel (the bldg & adjacent shoreline lot). We need half a dozen or so to speak at the Committee meeting. . . . 
     We are urging DOT to postpone approving selling Shooters for these reasons (I will email talking points with more detail tomorrow):
1 -- We have a chance to create a public destination at the Head of the Bay -- a major waterfront asset that the government will lose control of if DOT puts Shooters up for private sale.
2 -- It makes no sense to sell now at the bottom of the real estate market when RIDOT is getting major funding increases through last fall's state bond & federal match ($430 million), the Obama stimulus package (approx. $300 million), and revenue that could come from taxes & fees proposed by the Blue Ribbon Commission ($150-300 million).
3 -- The government should not put people in harm's way by allowing the possibility of condos being built outside the hurricane barrier on the floodplain at the bull's eye of past hurricane storm surges.
4 -- DOT has the authority to dispose of Shooters at less than fair market value if for a public purpose like parks, conservation & recreation.
5 -- At the very least DOT should not issue its RFP on Shooters before considering the recommedations of  the Krieger report on disposing of the I-195 lands, expected in late January/early February.

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