Laurel Casey's last performance (for now)


I had the pleasure of attending a spirted party a few weeks back at the Pawtucket home of Laurel Casey, the chanteuse and provocateur. Sadly, Laurel's Wednesday night residency at the Sidebar is coming to an end. One can only hope that another local nightspot offers her a home.

Mike Ritz send this word:

Don't miss Laurel's final Sidebar Performance - Wed, Dec 10th @ 7:30pm 

"I am doing a particularly poignant and uncomfortable performance art piece as a homeless cabaret singer - dirty, bedraggled, with begging cup - let's fill the place and have a grand old time closing the place down!" ~ Greta Gigless (a.k.a Laurel)

Over the past 3 months Laurel has:

Made us Laugh Hysterically
Attacked Republicans
Walked on Tables
Forced us into Nostalgia
Lost Clothing
Brought out our Tears
Started a Cat Fight
BUT MOST OF ALL...Laurel has amazed us with her wonderful voice and dazzled us with her ability to dance with our emotions...projecting happiness, loneliness, glee, mischievousness, depression, contempt, anxiety, rage, gratitude, pity and hope.

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