Obama gets high marks on transition

Speaking of Liasson, she gave Obama favorable reviews on his transition effort.

In contrast to the Clinton administration, when Cabinet picks were finalized just days before 42 took office, Obama is moving with alacrity to fill the top jobs. Such helpers as Leon Panetta have learned from past mistakes, Liasson said, and the administration-in-waiting is focused on the economy and national security.

Liasson described chief of staff Rahm Emanuel as a pragmatic centrist who, thanks to his former leadership of the DCCC, will create an additional power base to rival that of Nancy Pelosi.

If Hillary Clinton does not become SOS, she will remain a potential Supreme Court pick, Liasson said.

The NPR reporter was introduced by former Brown professor Darrell West, who said running into Joseph Lieberman at a Georgetown shopping center made him feel like he was at Providence Place.

West said he hasn't seen the likes of the spontaneous public cheering that greeted Obama's victory since the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. The audience responded with laughter, prompting the pundit to note that the line doesn't work nearly as well in DC.

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