Phoenix endorsements: Obama, Reed, and a few Republicans


This week's Phoenix includes our endorsements. The most newsy bit may be the paper's support for Allan Fung in Cranston.

Here are a few excerpts.


The past eight years have been disastrous for America: the failed (or — if you are an optimist — failing) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the parallel rise in regional influence of Iran; the unconstitutional domestic spying and other violations of civil liberties; the appointment of radical right-wingers to the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court; the growing gap between the rich and the affluent and the rest of nation; the reckless economic policies that have lead to the current economic meltdown; and an epidemic of Congressional corruption among the Republicans and their corporate lobbying cronies.

It is impossible to emphasize the importance of redirecting America’s sorry course. The nation has lost its way.

For these reasons — and for others that are also vitally important — the Phoenix endorses Barack Obama for President and Joe Biden for Vice President.

Jack Reed:

Challenger Robert Tingle, a Foxwoods pit boss who touts himself as a Reagan Republican, is among the handful of critics who fault Reed for his campaign war chest (which is unremarkable by Senate standards) and for some of his contributions from the banking and finance industry (which, largely, are a reflection of how Washington operates).

We take Senator Reed at his word when he says he decides issues based on their merits. There are good reasons why public opinion polls routinely show him to be the most popular elected official in Rhode Island, and we offer Reed our endorsement without reservation.

General Assembly:

Senate District 2 Juan Pichardo
Senate District 11 Charles Levesque
Senate District 28 Josh Miller
Senate District 35 J. Michael Lenihan
Senate District 37 Susan Sosnowski
House District 10 Thomas Slater
House District 11 Grace Diaz
House District 15 Chris Frappier
House District 18 Art Handy
House District 22 Frank Ferri
House District 29 Ray Sullivan
House District 35 Michael Rice
House District 36 Donna Walsh
House District 39 Rod Driver
House District 72 Amy Rice
House District 74 Deb Ruggiero


The mayoral races in Cranston and Pawtucket pose particularly tough choices, since Cynthia Fogarty and Donald Grebien, respectively, could be expected to do solid jobs. However, in Cranston, we believe the time has come for Allan W. Fung, a moderate Republican who projects a sense of quiet competence. In Pawtucket, the experience and steady manner of incumbent mayor James Doyle explain our support. And in Warwick, incumbent Scott Avedisian, a centrist Republican, continues to offer a worthwhile model to other members of his party. 

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