Carcieri's immigration takeaways

The ProJo's Cynthia Needham has a good overview today tracing Governor Carcieri's journey from being the jobs governor to being the anti-illegal immigration governor.

His team disputes any change in focus. Immigration, they say, was always a key priority. But before 2007, Carcieri’s name appeared in The Journal just a handful of times in connection with immigration issues. In 2008 alone, that number jumped to almost 100.

Here are two of the newsy bits from the piece:

1. If at all possible, Carcieri will avoid talking with the ProJo:

 Carcieri has declined the Journal’s requests to explain his position.

2. Former Governor Lincoln Almond -- who arguably got more things done when he was in office -- isn't about to call Carcieri out, but he doesn't much like his successor's approach to immigration:

FORMER GOVERNOR Lincoln Almond, a fellow Republican, said illegal immigration is no greater a problem today than it was in the 1990s when he was governor, or prior to that in his more than two decades as U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island.

“All I can tell you is that I don’t see any difference between now and 20 years ago,” Almond said in a recent interview. “I have a feeling there’s a lot of rhetoric going on.”

He stopped short of directly criticizing Carcieri’s order, but said he wouldn’t have issued one. “I wouldn’t see a need for it,” the former governor said. “I think we are an enforcement state already. … If there are people among us who are committing crimes, then they should be the focus.”

Almond said his days as U.S. Attorney taught him that immigrant communities can offer valuable law-enforcement resources to help weed out wrongdoers. If illegal immigrants fear deportation, they’ll be less likely to work with the police to help weed out criminals.

“You don’t want to alienate that,” Almond said.

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