At last, a Planned Parenthood statement

Three days after N4N broke the news that Miriam Inocencio, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island, had resigned, PPRI has released an official statement. The move comes after the organization's Connecticut chapter gave an oblique description of what was happening, and after a few key board members either declined to comment or, like Dr. Morton, didn't return a call from me earlier in the week.

What's more, this release comes late on a Friday afternoon -- the characteristic time to try to bury a story.

A Statement by Dr. John Morton, Board Chair

And Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, Medical Director,

Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island

Providence, RI – “We are pleased to announce today that after more than 75 years of excellent service, the Planned Parenthood Rhode Island board of directors begins a new chapter of providing reproductive health care in partnership with Planned Parenthood of Connecticut. The board of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island (PPRI) has voted to enter into a management agreement with Planned Parenthood of Connecticut (PPC), with the intent of exploring a merger.

This decision by the board reflects a growing belief shared by both organizations that by joining forces, we will be able to reach out and serve a larger and more diverse group of people in the community. In today’s precarious health care environment, prioritizing patient care has increasingly meant restructuring and creating new partnerships. Few Planned Parenthood affiliates of our size have survived without this kind of linkage, and for some months the PPRI board of directors has been considering alternative business models. This partnership will bring new resources to the affiliate and allow us to share purchasing power, information technology, training etc., thereby permitting us to use our human and financial capital to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively. 

Given the departure of PPRI CEO Miriam Inocencio, Judy Tabar, President & CEO of PPC will serve as Interim President & CEO of PPRI, and will oversee the high quality reproductive health care services at PPRI while merger discussions are underway.”

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