Reed: I don't want to be Obama's VP


The AP's Andy Miga is the latest in a string of journos to get Jack Reed on the record in saying he doesn't want to be part of a new Democratic administration in 2010:

WASHINGTON - In a place brimming with pomposity and pretension, Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island bucks the mold.

The soft-spoken son of a school janitor is not one of the Senate's show horses. And at 5 foot 7, Reed does not cut an imposing figure on Capitol Hill.

But his strong military credentials and straightforward style have helped vault Reed into contention as a potential running mate for Democrat Barack Obama - or more likely as a possible defense secretary should Obama capture the White House.

The two-term senator brushes aside any suggestion that he would consider leaving the Senate.

"It's very flattering, but I am not interested," Reed said in a telephone interview. "That's it."

He said he's focused on winning reelection to a third term this fall.

"At this juncture, I am trying to return as a United States senator because I think this is a fascinating job, a challenging job," said Reed, 58. "Over the last two terms I've discovered that if you work hard in the Senate and develop expertise, you can have some significant influence in a positive way on a lot of issues. . . . I hope I can serve the Obama presidency in that capacity."

Despite such disavowals, Reed's name has been floated in the media as a possible Obama running mate.

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