Cicilline returns fire at gov on immigration

Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline says Governor Carcieri has his facts wrong on the assault and rape case in which Marco Riz was arrested and charged.

According to a statement from City Hall:

“It is disgraceful that the Governor of the State would willfully distort the position of the Providence Police Department, undermining the work of these brave men and women and effectively accusing them of being accomplices to the actions of a criminal. ICE was notified of the arrest of this individual as has been the longstanding policy of the Providence Police Department.  It is outrageous to blame police officers for the failures of our federal immigration agencies in a desperate attempt to defend the Bush Administration.” – David N. Cicilline

Below are some key facts regarding Marco Riz and Governor Carcieri’s accusation:

2003 – Riz arrested in East Providence

2004 – ICE deportation order for Riz issued and later released

2/2007 – Providence Police (PPD) arrested, charged & booked Riz on domestic assault charges, PPD sent information of Ruiz and case to ICE as per 20+ year protocol

9/2007 – PPD arrested, charged & booked Riz on DUI charges, PPD sent information of Ruiz and case to ICE as per 20+ year protocol

3/2008 – Gov. Carcieri issues executive order on immigration

4/2008 – Request by ICE (Riccio) for PPD to end 20+ year protocol and begin using ICE computer system (took place in informal discussion)

Key fact: PPD followed protocol after both Riz arrests and informed ICE, contrary to the Governor’s assertion that, “Had [the Providence Police] checked with ICE after either of this individual’s two previous arrests, he certainly would not have had the opportunity to car-jack and rape a young woman in Roger Williams Park.”

Meanwhile, the ProJo's Cynthia Needham looks at the demise of immigration-related immigration in the General Assembly.

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