Departures add to possible legislative turnover


One of the big questions for November is how the state budget crisis will affect the composition of the General Assmbly, and whether Republicans will be able to make significant gains.

On a related note, Matt has a post on lawmakers who may not seek reelection:

The list of legislators who may NOT be seeking re-election continues to grow.  Here is the list that I have heard thus far:

  • Rep. Rick Singleton (got deported to MA)
  • Rep. William McManus (we have a great candidate)
  • Rep. Henry Rose
  • Rep. Joe Scott
  • Rep. Victor Moffitt (read more here)
  • Rep. Joe Amaral (read more here)
  • Rep. Pat Shanley
  • Rep. Sue Story

Additionally, top-rate candidates have emerged to run against Bruce Long, Nick Gorham and other Republicans and conservative Democrats (more on this later).

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