Scott renews challenge to Kennedy


Republcan Jonathan Scott, who opposed US Representative Patrick Kennedy in 2006, is taking another bite at the apple. Anyone going up against a Kennedy can count on two things: a tough time (as former Navy SEAL Dave Rogers learned in two tries), and a built-in base of support from Kennedy-haters. Scott's run, at minimum, gives the RI GOP someone who promises to be hard-working candidate, at a time when the party often struggles to find challengers for federal races.

Here are excerpts from Scott's release:

Jon Scott plans to announce his second bid to retire Patrick Kennedy from office on Monday night, June 8th at the Providence GOP City Committee meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Columbus Theatre, on Broadway in Providence at 7:00 p.m.

Scott, a relative newcomer to politics, who challenged Kennedy in the 2006 election, is driven by the belief that our nation’s founders did not design our government to be run by career politicians.  Scott who was rumored to be challenging Jack Reed for his Senate seat brings to this race the same convictions of representation for the common man in government that drove his 2006 congressional bid.

Scott sums up his motivation for running with the following words:

“You may have heard that this election cycle will be about change; my idea of change prioritizes action from outsiders over the hollow and empty rhetoric of insiders.  This type of change is about revolution not evolution. The system needs to be changed, the people in power need to be shown the door and the way of doing business needs to be overhauled.”

“George Washington set a precedent by which members of government were to serve for a brief period of time before returning to private life.  Today our system is broken, and Patrick Kennedy, whether you like him or not, is part of that system.” 

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