Mixed messages from Camp Carcieri

Governor Carcieri might have precluded the stormy reaction to his executive order on immigration if he had initially talked with some of the people on his new oversight panel. Instead, we got a lot of distracting side battles at a time when the state remains challenged by a fiscal crisis.

And now, by backtracking, the governor has angered Terry Gorman and some others by not including a RIILE representative on the oversight group. 

With new communications guru John Robitaille at the helm, the administration seems to think the best defense is a strong offense when reporters ask tough questions.

Yet when Steve Peoples takes a look at the extent of labor influence on Smith Hill, the governor takes a pass on commenting for the Sunday paper?

Peoples's story, btw, was a good read, but not particularly shocking for close political observers. In other words, yes, labor is politically active and organized, but its precise influence is probably less than that described by critics.

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