Some limelight time for Sean Daly's brother


In April 2007, I reported on how Erica Sagrans, a Brown alum and former Phoenix contributor, isn't the only staffer in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office with a Rhode Island connection. The speaker's press secretary is Brendan Daly, the brother of Channel 12 newsman Sean Daly.

Yesterday, Politico reported on how Brendan Daly is among those featured in a new book on some of DC's players:

THE GANG'S ALL HERE: Today marks the publication of the political talker of the year, "Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Background Power," by John Harwood and Gerald F. Seib. Get hungry - a FULL CHAPTERS each on Ken Duberstein, David Rubenstein, Rahm Emanuel, Chris Van Hollen and Tom Cole, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Karl Rove, Hilary Rosen, Lea Berman, Eli Pariser and Kyle McSlarrow, Ed Rogers, Billy Tauzin, Elliot Abrams, Brendan Daly, Jim Jordan and Terry Nelson, Sam Brownback and Pete Wehner, Mara Vanderslice and Jim Webb, Bernadette Budde and Andy Stern, Charlie Rangel and Jim McCrery, and Robert Strauss and Ken Mehlman.

With photos of all of them, including Hilary Rosen whispering to the late Jack Valenti, Lea Berman in the White House, a besweatered Brendan Daly at his computer, Jim Jordan with laptop and Starbucks, Senator Brownback looking like a leaning cardboard cutout as he stands on a tractor, and a smiling Ken Mehlman standing next to a seated Robert Strauss with a big globe behind them.

Jonathan Martin's précis: "The intro on how the Dubai Ports World blow-up came about is great behind-scenes reporting. A cool tick-tock. Also cool reporting on Lea Berman grappling with the China visit. There were some protocol incidents — new details on all the craziness that went down that day and leading up to visit. At one point, she had to literally tell the Chinese translator to get up from chair so the American-preferred translator could sit. Good inside buzz on how Brendan Daly dealt with the Speaker's Syria trip, with juicy details about a private Pelosi heads-up to the President followed by Dana Perino dinging Pelosi publicly and Daly then sending her a what's-up e-mail. Great bookend chapter about Strauss and Mehlman, the old and new guard at the same firm."

Except J-Mart's bitter that Hampden-Sydney is misspelled. (Jordan's alma mater!)

Gordon Johndroe on page 169, on Speaker Pelosi's assertion that "the road to Damascus is a road to peace": "National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe, a veteran of both Bush presidential campaigns and of the First Lady's staff, noted acidly that the road to Damascus is littered with victims of terrorism."

(Aboard Air Force One: "Unfortunately, that road is lined with the victims of Hamas and Hezbollah, and the victims of terrorists.")

Brendan, here's the Amazon link.

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