Obama-Clinton cover -- much ado about nothing

The New Republic is griping about a similar Obama-Clinton cover image over at Time:


We don't want to say that this week's cover of Time is a rip-off of our HillarAck cover that came out last month, but--oh, whatever--they totally ripped us off! All the way on down to the cover line, too: "There Can Only Be One" vs. "We Have To Choose One." Perhaps we should retaliate by putting a mirror on one of our future covers? On second thought ... no, that's a terrible idea.

UPDATE: Time's cover is derivative (not just of us).

In fact, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. Face it, guys, we're just not that original. Here's another example, and this kind of thing probably goes back at least to the heyday of new journalism in the '60s.

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