Enviros hold lobby day at the State House

What better time than Earth Day?

When: April 22 2008, from 3-4:30 PM. (Speaking portion begins at 3:30 PM.)


Where: State House.  Smith Street, Providence, RI.


What: A lobby training session and tour of the State House will start at 3 pm in the Bell Room, in preparation for talking with legislators about ECRI’s legislative priorities.  Next, speakers will discuss environmental initiatives.  Then, citizens will lobby elected officials about bills introduced to protect human health and the environment.   


Who: Presented by the Environment Council of Rhode Island (ECRI), a coalition of over 60 organizations and individuals whose mission is to serve as an effective voice for developing and advocating policies and laws that protect and enhance the environment. ...


Why:  Elected officials need to hear from their constituents about environmental legislation. Matt Auten, president of the Environment Council, strongly encourages Rhode Islanders to celebrate Earth Day by telling the General Assembly that we need them to pass strong environmental legislation, particularly in order to tackle global warming pollution. “This is a great opportunity for everyone who cares about the environment to take action and tell our elected officials what is important to us,” Auten said. 


ECRI Legislative priorities include:


•ECRI supports the Global Warming Solutions Act, legislation to cut global warming pollution 80% by the year 2050.  (S2629, H7884) RI needs a mandatory program that will achieve the pollution reductions scientists say we need to avert the worst impacts of global warming. Global warming puts our environment and health at risk through impacts ranging from increased beach erosion and rising temperatures in Narragansett Bay, to more frequent and intense hurricanes, and an increase in the rates of asthma and variety of insect-borne illnesses.


•ECRI Supports the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act.  (S2633, H7524) which will protect Rhode Islanders from diesel pollution, which leads to adverse health risks. This year’s legislation calls for the cleanup of trash trucks and state vehicles.


•ECRI Supports the Rhode Island Shared Water Resources Act.  (S2637, H7787)  Rhode Island’s water use is outgrowing our reserves. Since water is a public good, the public sector must manage supply and demand and protect the land surrounding water sources.


•ECRI Supports the Electronic Waste Producer Responsibility Act.  (S2631, H7880)  This legislation requires manufacturers to pay for collecting and safely recycling discarded electronic equipment, which contain lead, mercury, and other toxins.

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