Steve Laffey on 10 News Conference

Steve Laffey makes for entertaining TV, so would he make for an entertaining (and effective) governor? These questions will come front and center as we move closer to 2010.

During an appearance yesterday on 10 News Conference, Laffey repeated many of the talking points that he shared during an interview for my recent story on Lincoln Chafee:

Laffey says Rhode Island could become “a wining place” by bringing state spending on social programs and other needs into line with the average of the other 49 states, and he supports remaking the state pension system as a 401(k) program, creating a more competitive tax structure, and increasing school choice, among other things.

During the show broadcast yesterday, Laffey strongly endorsed Governor Carcieri's executive order on immigration.

Yet as Matt notes, there some good followup questions that could have been asked of Laffey on this subject:

Question #1 that was not asked: Your executive order in 2005 as Mayor of Cranston stands in stark contrast with Gov. Carcieri's recent executive order.  The key component of many city's "Sanctuary City" policies is to issue government-sponsored ID cards - which is exactly what you did in issuring an executive order giving out ID cards in cooperation with the Guatemalan and Mexican consulates while you were Mayor (ProJo article here). ....  If you support this policy to this day and you said that you did.  Do you stand by this policy decision and would you issue state ID cards to undocumented immigrants if you are Governor? 

Question #2 that was not asked: Many advocates for undocumented immigrants signed the "Draft Laffey" letter urging you to run for the Senate, including, Maria Alvarado, President, Guatemalan-American Association of RI; Julio Cesar Aragon, President, Rhode Island Mexican- American Association; Humberto Castillo, President, Central American United; Juan Garcia, Coordinator, Immigrants in Action Committee at St. Teresa's Church; Aida Hidalgo, Director Hispanic Ministry, Catholic Church and David A. Quiroa, Chairman, Newport Republican Party and President, Latino-American Outreach Project.  Do you support the efforts of your supporters above (including Aragon, who you traveled to the Mexican border with) to have Gov. Carcieri rescind his executive order and do you still count these immigrant leaders as supporters for any future campaign efforts?

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