Another cosmic joke from Linc Chafee

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You've got to love how Chafee's new book, Against the Tide, is being released tomorrow -- on April Fool's Day.

Darrell West had a review in yesterday's Sunday ProJo:

In meetings with the administration, Chafee describes Bush as being “ruled by emotion” and having a “juvenile streak” that he found unpresidential. When Chafee in an Oval Office meeting questioned Bush’s abortion policies by interjecting, “even Laura is pro-choice,” Bush snapped back, “Don’t you bring my wife into this.” Cheney fares no better. He is prone to long monologues that betray little interest in listening to anyone else’s points of view. These were personal traits at the very top of the administration, Chafee says, that led the country into a disastrous foreign policy.

With little respect for the national Republican or Democratic parties, Chafee now concludes that the nation needs a “third way.” In his final chapter, he expresses hope for a centrist third party that will resurrect moderation in American politics and end the polarizing excesses of the past decade. Practicing what he preaches, Chafee has left the Republican Party, but leaves us wondering about his next step in public service.

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