Men are from Mars; Women for social programs

Matt takes a look at the front of today's ProJo's State House tax-issue coverage and sees a not-so-subtle division:

Anyone notice the stark contrast on the front page of today's BeloJo

Providence Journal Front Page March 27, 2008

In one corner we have MEN IN SUITS who are longtime advocates for lowering taxes on the richest millionaires and corporate tycoons at the expense of health care and child care!

In the other corner we have WOMEN & CHILDREN who desperately want to save a program that helps poor kids have equal opportunities for early childhood development.

Who will win this historic battle? 

Analysts say that even though the WOMEN & CHILDREN turned out many more supporters, the MEN IN SUITS have connections where it counts: at the top (and they're not afraid of paying off the refs!).

Stay tuned!

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