All eyes on the primary

At last, the big day.

I'll start by sharing a curious bit from Steve Kroft's report from Ohio, broadcast during 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

The current media meme is that Obama probably wins Texas and loses Ohio. We'll see. Anyway, Kroft spoke with a displaced worker who symbolized the plight of many Ohio residents. Let's go to Newsbusters:

This "malicious campaign" as Kroft sees it is the suggestion by some that Obama is a Muslim. Kroft was shocked to find this belief from one of the voters he talked to, Kenny Schoenholtz, who said:

I'm leaning towards Obama. There's a couple issues with him I'm not too clear on...Well, I'm hearing he doesn't even know the national anthem. He wouldn't use the Holy Bible. He's got his own beliefs, with the Muslim beliefs. And couple of issues that bothers me at heart. [emphasis in original]

Kroft went on to inform Schoenholtz about the mistaken nature of these beliefs.

Not to underplay well-placed concerns about the root of such smears, but it's kind of interesting when someone believes this BS and is still prepared to vote for Obama. 

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