Clinton + Obama's hunt for votes intensifies


PROVIDENCE, RI – The Obama campaign announced today that Senator Edward M. Kennedy will travel to Rhode Island to campaign for Barack Obama tomorrow, Friday February 29th. Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Attorney General Lynch will join Senator Kennedy as he makes stops around Rhode Island to discuss why he believes Senator Obama has the judgment and character to bring about change we can believe in.


Senator Kennedy and his son Congressman Patrick Kennedy will visit with seniors at the Woonsocket Senior Center, and share Senator Obama’s plans to protect Social Security, strengthen retirement savings, and his universal health care plan.


Later in the afternoon, Senator Ted Kennedy, Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Attorney General Patrick Lynch will hold a “Get Out the Vote” rally at the University of Rhode Island’s Feinstein Providence Campus. At the rally, Senator Kennedy, Congressman Kennedy, and Attorney General Lynch will encourage supporters to work hard to “get out the vote” for Barack Obama during the final days before the March 4th primary.


The Clinton team, by releasing this lengthy list, is trying to enhance its appeal to the coveted Latino vote:

“With Hillary Clinton as president, Latinos know we will have a leader who understands our community and our needs,” said Andy Andujar. “Latinos are concerned about the availability of jobs, access to funding for our businesses and a plan for comprehensive immigration reform. Hillary Clinton has the experience and foresight to make significant changes in America and we will work tirelessly to ensure she is our next president.”  


The list of Rhode Island Latinos endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton follows.  


Rosi Alejo, Cranston

Maria Alvarado, Providence

Margarita Amparo, Providence

Nelson Amparo, Providence

Andy Andujar, Providence

Pastor Antonio Aquino, Providence

Julio Cesar Aragon, Providence

Bernardo Ardaya, Johnston

Ingrid C Ardaya, Johnston

Ingrid G Ardaya, Johnston

Kennedy Arias, Cranston

Julio "Julito" Aza, Providence

Arys Baptista, Providence

Dr. Antonio Barajas, Central Falls

Carolina Bernal, Johnston

Oddan Brito, Providence

Melida Brito, Providence

Marisol Camilo, Cranston

Jorge Cardenas, Providence

Doris Carvajal, Providence

Doris De Los Santos, Providence

Melba Depena, Providence

Councilwoman Eunice Delahoz, Central Falls

Rep. Grace Diaz, Providence

Nolda Estevez, Providence

Emilio Estevez, Providence

Nelson Garcia, Providence

Ward 9 Vice Chairperson Bienvenido Garcia, Providence

Marisol Garcia, Central Falls

Liza Gordon, Providence

Gloria Hincapie, Pawtucket

Sandra Lake, Providence

Ysa Luna, Providence

Josefina Luna, Providence

Belkiss Luna-Suazo, Providence

Yana Marcelino, Providence

Ramon "Chamo" Marte, Providence

Carlos Martinez, Providence

Gabriel Martinez, Providence

Patricia Martinez, Providence

Marta Martinez, Warwick

Sabina Matos, Providence

Sandra Mazo, Pawtucket

Milagros Medina, Providence

Alexis Mendez, Providence

Tony Mendez de Poder 1110, Providence

Carmen Mirabal, Central Falls

Eloy Andres Mora, Providence

Freddy Nunez, Providence

Jaime Peguero, Providence

Ramon Pegueso, Providence

Ramon Peralta Sr., Providence

Reynaldo Perez, Central Falls

Judith Perez, Cranston

Carolina Pichardo, Providence

Sen. Juan Pichardo, Providence

Juan Pinales, Providence

Vivian Ponte, Johnston

Maria Reyes, Providence

Freddy Rosario de Poder 1110, Providence

Maria Salavarrieta, Central Falls

Esmerelda San Andres, Cranston

Luca Sano, Providence

Franklin Solano, Central Falls

Antonio Suero "Papito Prenda", Providence

Councilman Luis Leon Tejada, Providence

Acelia Terrero, Cranston

Jesus Titin, Providence

Papo Toribio, Providence

Sara Vazquez, Providence

Fior Vina, Providence

In Rhode Island, we're seeing ongoing appeals to key blocs -- women, the elderly, Latinos, working class voters -- as Clinton and Obama vie for a win here on March 4.

The Hillary campaign today unveiled a new TV commercial, portraying her as a tough fighter for the middle class. You can view it here. The big guy is in town, too.

The Obama campaign today has Linc Chafee, Charles Fogarty, and Patrick Lynch doing a statewide tour of senior centers and meeting with local legislators. Latino supporters are also hosting a GOTV meeting on Providence's South Side. Earlier this week, the campaign passed a milestone, having attacted donations from more than one million people.

Yesterday, the Clinton team staged a "Women for Hillary" event, featuring former Maryland LG Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, LG Elizabeth Roberts, Teresa Paiva Weed, former Senate GOP leader Lila Sapinsley, and Suzanne Magaziner of Bristol. "Women for Obama" hosted a phonebank in Cranston, also yesterday. Team O has also released details on some additional house parties:

Thursday, February 28th

4:00 PM           119 West St, Woonsocket

7:00 PM           121 Washington St., Newport


Friday, February 29th

4:00 PM           23 Fort Ave, Cranston

6:00 PM           Riverfront Lofts #301, Pawtucket

7:00 PM           188 President Ave, Providence


Saturday, March 1st

3:00 PM           35 Orchard Ave, Providence

4:00 PM           7 Henry Dr., Barrington

5:00 PM           18 Prospect Street, East Greenwich

5:30 PM           88 Columbia Ave, Cranston

6:30 PM           250 Westminster St, Providence


Sunday, March 2nd

4:00 PM           11 William Reynolds Farm Rd, Richmond

4:00 PM           82 East Killingly Road, Scituate

4:30 PM           8 Tamarack Dr., East Greenwich

6:00 PM           135 Abbott St., Providence

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