Cicilline says he's sticking with Clinton

Charlie Bakst follows up today on the Clinton-Cicilline contretemps of the last week:

Did she in fact apologize?

“Well, he and I talked it over.”

Cicilline says he also received a phone call from Bill Clinton.

The campaign’s treatment of Cicilline had jolted the mayor. He said last week it might cause him to question his backing Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.

Cicilline yesterday declined to discuss details of his chats with the Clintons but did say he’ll vote for her in next Tuesday’s primary. He said that if Obama sweeps Rhode Island, that could nudge him, as a superdelegate, to side with the Illinois senator at the Democratic convention.

I wonder if I’d be as generous as Cicilline about being told to stay away from Hillary Clinton Sunday. It infuriates me when a union bullies its way into influencing who can or cannot attend political events. And if I were a top Clinton ally, as Cicilline has been, I’d be enraged that the campaign would freeze me out.

But he said yesterday that, as upset as he might be with her aides, they are not on Tuesday’s ballot. She is, and, “I have great respect for Senator Clinton.”

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