Speculation continues about Reed's future

The ProJo's John Mulligan catches up today with speculation about US Senator Jack Reed being selected as a Democratic vice presidential candidate:

WASHINGTON — The mentioning season is upon us, and Sen. Jack Reed’s name has begun to pop up in print, blogs and TV as a possible ticket-mate for front-running Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

But Reed, emphatic in his declarations of non-interest in a national candidacy, is ready for his 15 minutes of near-fame to be over. “It’s very flattering” to be mentioned, Reed said last week, “but my intention is to run for reelection to the U.S. Senate from Rhode Island.”

The Rhode Islander added a Shermanesque declaration about the vice-presidential nomination: “I have no intention to seek it or even, if offered it, to accept.”

Reed stressed, further, that neither Obama nor rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, nor anybody representing their campaigns has ever broached with him the topic of a place on the national ticket.

So Reed said the notion of a vice-presidential nomination for him is “not only hypothetical, but it ain’t going to happen.”

Reed is the only remaining high-profile RI Democrat who remains neutral in the presidential race, and his denials notwithstanding, some observers continue to think he's in the running for secretary of defense should a Democrat win in November.

WPRO-AM's John DePetro this morning expressed his belief that Reed will take a Cabinet post in a Dem administration. Appearing on the show, Brown's Darrell West disagreed, asserting that Reed's Senate seat -- which could amount to a lifetime appointment, given his popularity -- is likely to remain more appealing.

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