Will Cicilline become an Obama supporter?

Providence Mayor David Cicilline has got to be really pissed with the Clinton campaign to make this kind of statement, following his being banned from her event this weekend:

Cicilline said he will stay away on Sunday, but this may cause him to question his support for the New York senator, who he has stumped for locally and in New Hampshire during that state’s primary.

“It’s obviously something for me to think about very carefully, because I am very disappointed in the decision of the Clinton campaign. I’m not prepared to say more than that today. I obviously have tremendous respect for Senator Clinton, but I’m very disappointed in the decision of her campaign today,” Cicilline said.

Take-aways from this:

-- If it wasn't already abundantly clear, the Cicilline-firefighters hatefest will remain an issue should he indeed run for governor, with Cicilline touting his stand against the union, and the firefighters excoriating Cicilline at every chance. During a taping of Newsmakers today, Arlene Violet wondered aloud: if Rhode Island has some of the highest firefighting costs in the nation, why isn't Cicilline hitting on that as part of his message?

-- The Clinton campaign totally botched this. Considering how Cicilline stepped down as chair of her RI campaign for similar reasons, he was more than willing to be a good soldier. Yet the Hillary forces have succeeded in alienating him, continuing some of the campaign's self-inflicted blows. The New York Times has a front-pager today on campaign spending, a different facet of how Clinton has hurt herself.

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