Obama plans "RI Truth Squad"

The Obama campaign postponed a conference call today to unveil its "Rhode Island Truth Squad," featuring AG Patrick Lynch and former US Attorney Meg Curran.

While Obama has an undeniable winning steak going, Dan Kennedy suspects the media might be about to change gears on him:

In my latest for the Guardian, I argue that the media, looking for a reason to make up for their brutal coverage of Hillary Clinton, are about to turn on Barack Obama. Although maybe not. Obama's somewhat-better-than-expected margin in Wisconsin, combined with Clinton's graceless "concession" speech, may forestall his inevitable turn in the interrogation room.

I previously noted the omission of any crowd estimate from the ProJo's report on the opening of Obama's Providence office, and Matt, an Obama supporter, thinks his candidate is getting a raw deal locally.

For example, the Clinton campaign has a HQ opening last Saturday and only a few media outlets covered this "opening" that was mostly composed of politician types.  Then, they have a "do-over" HQ opening yesterday and Channel 10 does a live shot for the 500pm news and the BeloJo has a byline, art, quotes, and is an actual story.

Then again, while Michelle Obama wowed her audience last night at CCRI, she and her husband have had their own small stumbles lately. These missteps will not likely amount to much in the primary, but the Republicans can be counted upon to paint the Democratic nominee, either Clinton or Obama, as some kind of wildly dangerous hyper-liberal.

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