Fans rush to Pagliarini's defense

It's not all that often that House Minority Leader Bob Watson and the Phoenix's Phillipe + Jorge are on the same page, but the swift ejection from the Carcieri administration of J.R. Pagliarini is just such an occasion.

From today's ProJo:

PROVIDENCE — In a highly unusual move, the House GOP leader has written Governor Carcieri to protest his dismissal of John “J.R.” Pagliarini — a longtime soldier in the Republican party trenches — as his chief of staff to open a slot for his current $115,837-a-year Department of Administration director, Beverly Najarian.

In a letter to Carcieri that he made public yesterday, House Minority Leader Robert A. Watson, R-East Greenwich, told the governor he was “appalled” at the way Pagliarini’s termination — with no explanation — was presented to the media.

Describing Pagliarini as a friend since their days at Bishop Hendricken High School three decades ago, Watson told the governor: “I hope we can avoid such unseemly and unconstructive moments going forward and I hope we can find a way to repair the negative perception that now clouds a very decent and honorable man.”

“Our party will never achieve the success we deserve if we continually cast aside the most talented among us,” Watson added. “Steeped in government and political experience, J.R. is one of the most astute political advisers the Republican farm team has to offer.”

The gov's office isn't saying much about this, but P+J share their thoughts today:

If you see someone walking down the street with a knife sticking out of his back, chances are that it’s political operative extraordinaire J.R Pagliari, our good amigo.
J.R., an esteemed veteran player in Little Rhody political circles, was until recently a top Senate aide to the aforementioned Linc Chafee. Last week, an unseen and unexpected hand cashiered J.R. from his post as Governor Carcieri’s deputy chief of staff (further evidence of the deck chairs being rearranged on — pick one — the Titanic/Andrea Doria/Poseidon.)
The move allowed Bev Najarian, the former Department of Administration head, to assume Pagliarini’s position. This went down because Najarian faced a Senate confirmation vote for her DoA appointment for which she had slim and no chance of winning, and her nomination was pulled to avoid ensuing embarrassment.

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