Guantanamo protest slated to greet Roberts

Amid the news that the US will seek the death penalty for six Guantanamo detainees facing 9/11 charges, a related protest is planned to coincide with the arrival at US District Court in Providence this morning of John Roberts, chief justice of the US Supreme Court.

According to a news release from Mark Stahl of the RI Community Coalition for Peace,

A coalition of RI community, religious, and political groups will hold a rally and procession at the Federal Courthouse on Kennedy Plaza. The purpose of this action is to bring attention to the following critical demands: close the Guantanamo gulag, end all U.S. involvement in torture, end illegal spying, and restore the Bill of Rights.


Although all three branches of the Federal Government have acted to debase the very concept of justice, ordinary citizens will peacefully and solemnly gather to assert their civil liberties and invoke principles to counter the empty, congratulatory posturing behind the Roberts visit. “Since the Chief Justice is a stalwart neocon,” notes Sam Smith of East Bay MoveOn, “we fear that the Supreme Court will legitimize the roll-back of civil liberties wrought by the Bush administration”.


“As a citizen of the U.S. and member of the world community,” adds Kathy Lessuck of the RI Community Coalition for Peace, “I am saddened, sickened, and embarrassed by our practice and promotion of torture, as well as the continued existence of Guantanamo and other secret U.S. prisons throughout the world. ....         


Gathering will begin at 10:30 am on Tuesday Feb. 12 at Burnside Park, adjacent to Kennedy Plaza. After a brief rally, citizens will move in procession toward the Federal Building.
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