Ideas upon which Rhode Island can build

UPDATE: Here's the missing link. Thanks to Chris from Advocacy Solutions for tracking this down.


Speaking of the budget, it's not uncommon to hear criticism of Rhode Island's economic-development efforts. While there are some bright spots, like the emerging geek-sector, we can all agree that the state remains seriously in need of more and better jobs.

On Sunday, the ProJo's John Kostrezewa talked up the need to look past the state's budget woes, focusing on a long-term economy to expand the economy and to create jobs. The piece doesn't seem to be online, but I'll highlight his suggested focal points. With the possible exception of the port, about which I don't know enough to offer an informed view, these seem like good ideas:

-- Make Providence the hub of a cluster of collaborations among the state's universities, hospitals and innovative companies to research developing technologies that will create start-up companies and jobs.

-- Focus on life sciences, the industry that is expanding with new products, drugs, and services to sell to an aging US population.

-- Expand T.F. Green Airport, the state's gateway to international trade and travel for commerce and tourism.

-- Develop and promote Quonset . . . There is still a chance for a smaller port in the Davisville area for so-called short sea shipping that will attract some of the excess capacity from Boston and New York.

-- Promote Rhode Island as a model for renewable energy research by creating a climate for wind and wave projects that will make the Ocean State a magnet for investment.

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