Environmental Council cites legislative priorities

Denise Parrillo of Clean Water Action sends this along:

Providence, RI—Today the Environment Council of Rhode Island, a coalition of over 60 RI organizations, released its annual list of desired policy and law changes that will protect and enhance the environment. This list highlights the changes the Council will work for during the upcoming legislative session. 


This year, the Environment Council will focus on:


?      Fighting global warming. RI needs 80% reductions in global warming pollution by the year 2050. These are the reductions that scientists say are necessary to avert the worst impacts of global warming in our state.


?      Protecting our waters and water supply. RI needs to protect and manage our natural resources to ensure wise use and to accommodate future growth. 


?      Promoting clean energy.  RI needs clean, renewable sources of energy so we can maintain our way of life, protect the environment, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and promote new technologies.


?      Managing solid waste responsibly. RI needs to guard against the pollution caused by the improper disposal of electronic waste and plastic bags and the incineration of trash at Central Landfill.  


?      Promoting clean transportation. RI needs to clean up large, polluting diesel vehicles and promote public transit, safe pedestrian passage, and adequate routes for bicycling. 


?      Preserving open spaces. RI needs to continue to invest in open space programs so that we have beautiful places for future generations to enjoy. 


?      Promoting toxic-free communities. RI needs to make polluters pay to clean up the toxins they impose on our communities and protect children from harmful pesticides on school grounds.

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