The politics of snow, part II

The two biggest beneficiaries of last Thursday's snow storm and the related mess? AG Patrick Lynch and General Treasurer Frank Caprio, according to Buddy Cianci on his WPRO radio show, since they had nothing to do with it.

Cianci also asserts that the storm-related problems have effectively dashed the gubernatorial hopes of David Cicilline and Elizabeth Roberts. That's a stretch, IMHO, in part because Massachusetts was gripped with similar woes, although you can practically imagine the campaign commercials.

A few years ago, during the Providence Newspaper Guild Follies, emcee Scott MacKay took Ciciline to task for lax snow removal early in his tenure, noting that Harvard's Kennedy School doesn't offer courses in such stuff. The allusion referred to the many advanced degrees among the 'Sixers -- residents of the 02906 zip code -- in the mayor's administration.

(Cianci, of course, was mayor when the Blizzard of '78 caused serious problems, although there's a difference between responding to six or so inches of snow and more than two feet of the white stuff.)

There's a long time -- almost three years -- between now and November 2010. If last Thursday remains an aberration, it won't have much of an effect. Yet if similar snow removal problems occur again in the run-up to 2010, the political fallout could be more severe.

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