Curt Schilling raises his game

Curt Schilling came close to shutting out the Rockies last night. The smash down the third-base line was a tough play, but Iron Mike Lowell might have made it given another chance, and if so, Colorado wouldn't have scored. Pretty impressive, and kudos to Tito for being timely with the hook.

N4N had the good fortune to be at Fenway for Curt's 20th win in 2004 (the scene for Fever Pitch, in which Drew Barrymore jumps onto the field and runs across it to reunite with Jimmy Fallon, was filmed immediately afterward), and for his 200th career victory, which came last year. Although certainly not a Curt-hater -- and there are quite a few -- I had thought it best to cut ties with the big guy after this season.

Dan Kennedy has convinced me otherwise:

One of the great non- controversies in Boston sports is on the plate this morning, as Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe considers what the Red Sox ought to do now that Curt Schilling's contract is expiring.

The answer, which I can't imagine anyone would disagree with, is this: If he'll take a one-year deal, then yes, of course. It is, as Cafardo says, a "no-brainer." More than one year? Well ... maybe.

Tim Wakefield may be on the verge of retiring. That would leave Beckett and Matsuzaka as the number-one and -two guys, and Lester and Buchholz at the back of the rotation. I want Schilling at number three. Don't you?

Especially after last night.

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