Let's hear it for Sox ownership

The early coverage of the ALCS between the Red Sox and the Indians seemed to miss an important point -- how the ownership team of John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Tom Werner has thoroughly rejuvenated the Boston franchise.

Say what you will about the Pink Hats, the challenge of getting tickets, the letting go of Orlando Cabrera, or other bugaboos, but the troika has succeeded in its goal of making the Red Sox, year after year, a potent post-season contender.

This represents a stark contrast from the previous ownership. As I wrote in 2005:

After helping design the revised and expanded playoff format in the ’90s, former Red Sox owner John Harrington emerged as a power player in Major League Baseball. But when it came time to talk to local sportswriters, he was inaccessible. When the gates of John Updike’s lyric little bandbox were flung open each April, two million fans would still stream in over the course of a season — regardless of how little attention went to maintaining the ancient ballpark. Basically, the motto was, "We’re the Red Sox — we don’t have to answer questions."

A few days ago, with the Sox down in the series 1-3, some of the talk was about how Theo Epstein was set to become the goat.

Well, if it looked at points this season like Boston should have acquired Jermaine Dye instead of J.D. Drew, we saw how that worked out.

Sure, it's a whole different era from when you could show up to the Fenway and get tickets on the day of a game (without waiting in a line for a few hours). Regardless, Sox ownership deservea credit for making the team into a persistent winner.

Bring on the Rockies!

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