Magaziner-Clinton effort touted in the Atlantic

Ira Magaziner gets some prominent play in an October cover story in the Atlantic about his and Bill Clinton's efforts to combine entrepreneuralism and market forces with philanthropy.

You need a subscription to get more than the very beginning of the online story, but the piece talks about Magaziner's time at Brown and his efforts to revive industry as a youthful idealist in Brockton, Massachusetts, among other local connections.

Nowadays, Clinton and Magaziner have focused a lot of effort on curbing AIDS in Africa and reducing the threat of global warming. (The Clinton camp has also reportedly proven capable of killing some unflattering attention.)

As the Atlantic story points out, one of the most salient parts of the combined Clinton-Magaziner collaboration is how they are creating a corps of young activists who, through their exponential efforts, could have a pretty big impact in the decades to come.

Btw, Magaziner's son, Seth, a 2006 Brown graduate, got involved in local politics during his time in Rhode Island.

These days, besides cheering on the Red Sox, Seth tells N4N that he's in his second year "teaching at a struggling elementary school in rural Louisiana as part of the Teach for America program. It has been an intense experience, but very rewarding, and I am loving it."

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