Carcieri calls for Alves to resign chairmanship

Speaking this morning on the John DePetro Show, Governor Carcieri added his voice to Gio Cicione in calling for state Senator Stephen Alves to resign his Senate Finance Committee chairmanship while he remains under federal scrutiny.

Carcieri called for the state Ethics Commission -- which he has strengthened -- to take a harder line in policing potential conflicts of interest involving legislators.

The governor also said that the state Economic Development Commission, not the General Assembly, the appropriate forum for considering tax incentives deals. Putting this power in the hands of the legislature, he says, unnecessarily politicizes the process. Carcieri said the legislature could still use hearings to offer some oversight on tax incentives.

Yesterday, the state GOP put out a statement encouraging Senate President Joseph Montalbano to ask Alves to resign his chairmanship:

 “Now that it’s clear we know Senator Alves’ activities in office are being investigated by the FBI, there should be no question that the leadership should insist that Senator Alves’ refrain from acting in his official capacity as Finance Chair while such a serious inquiry is underway,” says Chairman Giovanni Cicione.

 “Until this FBI cloud hanging over Senator Alves is resolved one way or another, for him be allowed to hold one more hearing, judge one more moment of Committee testimony, or act on one more piece of legislation in his official capacity as chairman, is an insult to the people of this state and a violation of our constitutional principles.”

Meanwhile, after a seeming lull in Operation Dollar Bill, Mike Stanton reports today that John Celona has been back in town since August.

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