Sox look to clinch East tonight

The stars might be in alignment for this to happen, what with Josh Beckett on the bumb at Fenway, and Scott Kazmir squaring off against the Yankees, but then again, that's why they play the games.

Meanwhile, you've got to love the dissonance of's Eric Wilbur panning the president of Red Sox Nation thing, even while the banner ad on the page in question (see below) implores readers to vote in said contest. So much for the ill effects of corporate consolidation.

I hope the dog wins.

What more apropos way would there be to put an end to this President of Red Sox Nation farce than to elect a canine and bestow upon him the privileges and benefits that come with this inane season-long promotion?

As if anyone needed one more reason why Red Sox fans have become the laughingstock of the baseball word, we present to you the search for a President of Red Sox Nation. Ironically, as the search intensifies for the betterment of corporate Red Sox Nation, the Red Sox fan dies a slow death, a fact that people in the marketing department can’t seem to get a handle on as they relentlessly push on.

If you’re like me, you’ve simply tried to ignore the entire situation, lowering the volume when Jerry Remy provides you with his nightly take on the happenings of the election and cringing at the fact that Peter Gammons, of all people, is actually involved in this ridiculous affair.


Personally, N4N is not so aggravated by the whole thing. If J.D. Drew keeps hitting like the way he has been, and similarly good things keep happening, I'm not going to sound a disparaging word. 

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