Sox: State of the Nation

Regardless of what happens today, I stick to my view that the Sox will win the AL East, for the first time since 1995.

During my weekly bit with Dan Yorke on Wednesday, he asked if there would be "a situation" if the Yankees swept the Sox. I rejected that possibility, while acknowledging it would be a source of concern. Dan and I have a little bet going (made when the New Yorkers, I believe, were four or five games back), and I give him props for having the courage of his convictions.

When it comes to the Sox, there remain a lot of questions, beginning with Manny, when he will return to the lineup, and whether his back issue continues.

This Sox team is utterly unpredictable. They can go on the kind of offensive barrage, as against the White Sox, not seen since 1950. And they can go into offensive hibernation, as we've seen the last two days.

How far do they go in the post-season? Anything is possible, from the bad to the very good.

And if they don't make it, as Tom Caron said last night, they deserve their fate.

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