Whitehouse: Americans less safe since 9/11

As part of my July 6 interview with US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, I asked him, "Do you think Americans are more or less safe since 9/11?"

Here's his answer:

I think we're less safe since 9/11, because I think the Bush administration has failed to adequately implement the 9/11 Commission report, because they've failed to adequately implement the Baker-Hamilton report. And because of that combination that we talked about earlier, of the price of our footprint on the ground in Iraq being so high internationally -- in terms of lower prestige, and increased irritation and frustration by our allies, and a heightened sense of anger, resentment, and desire to hit back by the Islamic world, kind of at the lower level -- and then again we've allowed the dynamic in the Middle East to framed against us so badly that we look like bumblers, to sophisticated observers.

For more of the interview, check here.

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