Immigration foe touts "expose of North American agenda"

A day after federal immigration legislation fell apart, William "Terry" Gorman, the founder of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, also made an appearance on Newsmakers, for the show to be broadcast Sunday.

Gorman, the subject of a profile last Sunday by Karen Lee Ziner, was ecstatic about the collapse of the immigration bill. He repeated some trademark gripes of immigration critics, asserting that word of Rhode Island's taxpayer-funded social benefits reaches all the way to the Mexican border.

Following taping, Gorman shared printouts of a rave by a conservative Web site, World Net Daily, about a new book, The Late Great USA, by Jerome Corsi, who also wrote Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry. The dubious use of that book in the 2004 presidential race -- as well as the backing for Corsi's latest thesis by multi-office candidate Christopher Young -- might tell you something.

World Net Daily, though, blurbs Corsi's new book, due to be published July 4, thusly: "Finally! The full expose of North American agenda. Book documents plan for merger of U.S., Mexico, Canada."

Considering how critics of illegal immigration tend to focus their fire on Democrats, I wanted to ask Gorman why this is the case, considering how Republicans have held the White House for most of the last 27 years, and controlled Congress for most of the last 13 years.

Since groups like RIILE point to "cripping economic effects" from illegal immigration, I wonder why they don't complain about companies like Wal-Mart, whose practices have resulted in the transfer of US jobs to China.

(With limited time, I only got ask him on-air about whether the previous employment of illegals by the Massachusetts State Police and Mitt Romney, as janitors and landscapers, respectively, shows that they help fill menial jobs undesired by US citizens. Gorman responded, in part, by saying that such jobs should pay well enough to attract interest from citizens.)

Anyway, here's more of World Net Daily's report on The Late Great USA:

Resistance to immigration laws and border security by political elites in the nation's capital is, at least in part, a result of plans to promote political, social and economic integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, charges a new book . . . "It is the only context in which the current immigration travesty makes sense," says Jerome Corsi . . . "and it must be stopped.

. . . .

Corsi shows how the SPP [Security and Prosperity Partnership], an agreement signed in 2005 by Bush, Paul Martin of Canada, and Vicente Fox of Mexico, is nothing less than a full-frontal assault on American sovereignty.

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