Concern cited on Federal Hill skyscraper

The West Broadway Neighborhood Association has a host of concerns about a skyscraper proposed for the gateway of Federal Hill. Here's are the details, from an e-mail sent by the WBNA's Kari Lang:


The vote

On Thursday, July 5th at 7pm, the Providence City Council will vote on a petition to abandon Bradford  Street to make way for a 32 story skyscraper (in a spot zoned for 3 story) in the heart of Federal Hill and on the edge of Downtown. This project has not followed the proper city process for review of street abandonment and adequate public input has not been given.  It will have an enormous impact on our city and our neighborhoods.


The Issues

1.  Clearing the Way for Massively Overscaled Buildings in Our Neighborhood.  The West Side and Federal Hill are not New York City or Hong Kong!


This vote would be a critical step to make way for a 32 story skyscraper that would occupy x blocks in a neighborhood of mostly 2 and 3 story buildings (zoned for 3 story) in the heart of Federal Hill at the Gateway to the West  Side.  It would open the floodgates to more extremely tall and massive buildings that would tower over and shade out the existing buildings and over time completely change the character of our neighborhood from one that is walkable and human scale to the scale of major high rise cities like New York.


2.  Closing Off a Street and Making it Harder for us to Get Around our Neighborhood.


The proposed abandonment in and of itself would also hurt the neighborhood by making it harder to get around this part of the city by eliminating a route that is now used by people in cars, on bikes and on foot.   


3.  The Process Has Failed To Give Us a Chance to Review and Comment on What Would be a Massive Change to Our Neighborhood and the Way We Live


This project has not followed the proper city process for review of street abandonment and we have not been given a chance to comment.  (see process information below)

Please call or email the Mayor, Councilman Lombardi, your city council person, the Planning Department, Rep. Costantino, Senator Jabour, and the media. 


See below for contact information for the elected representatives and the media.  PEOPLE OF PROVIDENCE we need you to speak out.  ASK THEM to:


--Vote against this decision because

·        the process was wrong

·        the project hasn’t had adequate public input

·        the street is used street by the public

·        this project and the street abandonment violates the city’s comprehensive plan, zoning code, the West Side Action Plan, the Broadway plan and the Broadway Historic District

·        we have worked to make this a walkable, bikable, livable neighborhood, not a cityscape of massive towers sprawling over many blocks.

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