Concrete plant opponents rally in Cranston

The citizen group Cranston Citizens for Responsible Zoning & Development offers a good example of how the Web is changing activism. Members of SCC, which sends out a lot of e-mail, say they plan to present 2000 petitions to Mayor Napolitano outside of Cranston City Hall during a rally today from 4:30 to 5:30 PM.

Here's a look at the group's petition:

We the undersigned residents of Cranston adamantly oppose construction of the concrete batching facility by the Karleetor, LLC/Cullion Concrete Corporation at the location of Marine Drive in Cranston. This plant was illegally permitted and, presently, has neither a valid Cranston building permit nor a valid DEM permit. This plant is located in a FEMA designated floodplain and a DEM recognized wetlands. We believe operation of this facility would have a significant negative impact on this wetlands, the Pocasset and Pawtuxet Rivers, the surrounding watershed area, and ultimately, Narragansett Bay. The harmful noise and air pollution that can emit from such a facility and its trucking operations would negatively impact the health and safety of residents and families in the surrounding neighborhoods, adversely effect local small businesses, and will most certainly negatively impact property values within a significant radius of its operation.

We, therefore, call upon the City of Cranston to conduct an immediate investigation of the initial permitting process, conduct the Zoning Hearing as required in the appeal filed by the Cranston Citizens for Responsible Zoning & Development, and, finally, to revoke the building permit issued to Karleetor/Cullion. Lastly, we demand that the City issue a cease and desist order and require Karleetor/Cullion to remove all concrete production facilities, restoring the area to its prior state.

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