Rush vs. Employers on Immigration

Quelle surprise! Rush Limbaugh was excoriationg the immigration bill a short time ago, calling it "classic liberalism," and contending that it amounts to a "redistribution of wealth" since, as he clearly believes, illegal immigrants consume more taxpayer-funded services than they support.

Why is it that conservatives like Rush never have these same kind of equity concerns when it comes to the upward redistribution of wealth and huge tax breaks for big corporations?

But I digress.

The New York Times reports today that employers are balking after aiding in the creation of the new immigration bill, because "it would not cure the severe labor shortages they forsee in the coming decade."

In the last few years, employers have become a potent force in the debate on immigration, pleading with Congress to authorize more visas for both high- and low-skill workers.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, a bill co-author, said the point system was devised so America “can compete for the best minds that exist in the world.”

Robert P. Hoffman, a vice president of Oracle, the business software company, endorsed that goal but said the bill would not achieve it.

“A merit-based system for allocating green cards may sound good for business,” said Mr. Hoffman, who is co-chairman of Compete America, a coalition of high-tech companies. “But after reviewing the proposal, we have concluded that it is the wrong approach and will not solve the talent crisis facing many U.S. businesses. In fact, in some ways, it could leave American employers in a worse position.

. . . .

David Isaacs, director of federal affairs at the Hewlett-Packard Company, said in a letter to the Senate that “a ‘merit-based system’ would take the hiring decision out of our hands and place it squarely in the hands of the federal government.”

Employers of lower-skilled workers voiced another concern.

“The point system would be skewed in favor of more highly skilled and educated workers,” said Laura Foote Reiff, co-chairwoman of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, whose members employ millions of workers in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and the construction industry.

 I know, I know, Rush. The Times is just a commie rag, right?

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