Battle of the Wet Papers

A familiar dichotomy plays out on very rainy days at the N4N manse: the delivery of a moist, if not sopping wet, ProJo, along with a pleasantly dry New York Times.

How does the Times do it? They put two plastic bags on the paper, rather than just one, and from two different directions, creating an effective seal. Simple. 

Why doesn't the ProJo do this? I imagine I'm not alone in getting a wet paper, and it's not as if readers need more encouragement to ditch the print subscription and read the paper online instead.

Things deviated a bit from the norm yesterday: the A section of my Sunday Times was somewhat wet, but still readable, although 85 percent of the Sunday ProJo, including everything that I wanted to read (and Mrs. N4N's advertising circulars), was utterly drenched. I actually tried blow-drying the paper for about eight minutes, to no perceptible improvement. Since it was after 10 am, I couldn't get a same-day replacement, either.

Not a recipe for success, Howard.

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