Decatur to close; bar says it will rise again

Joann Seddon has apparently decided to close the Decatur rather than face eviction. I spent a fair amount of time there in its early years, playing on the initial kickball team and relishing the polyglot mix of inhabitants, so I'm sorry to see it go. Here are the details, as contained in an e-mail sent out by supporters of the popular West Side bar:

The Decatur is closing. Joann made her desicion last night, and while it was a heart breaking one in many ways, she feels good about this.

It has been an amazing six years, and we will all cherish the memories we built together forever.

The Decatur Lounge is so much more than a building... it is a spirit and a force and we will rise again.

What we need to do now is walk away with our heads held high.

PLEASE, we ask AGAIN, do NOT threaten anyone or take any unsavory actions into your own hands.

We became aware last night that people have been threatening John Ozbeck and even John Lombardi (who was on OUR side!) as well as another man who has absolutley nothing to do with this.

This is unacceptable, guys.

This is not how we want to be remembered, and if this behavior continues, it will make it very difficult for us to reopen in the future.

There is no enemy here. Fight by sending us postive energy and helping Joann keep the good reputation she has worked so hard for these six years. People will associate any bad behavior with Joann and with The Decatur Lounge, and that is something we can not have.

We apprecaite your strong feelings and your saddness and your frustrations, but this MUST STOP! Please!

Thank you all so much for your help and amazing support. There is no more need to call the phone numbers we gave you, so we ask that no more phone calls be made.

It has been a good run, folks. And we will take a while to regroup and rejuvinate, and then WE WILL BE BACK!!

Love, peace, and thank you with all our hearts- The Decatur Lounge

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