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As RI Future has pointed out, Brown grad Joshua Micah Marshall has played a significant role in advancing the national story involving the Bush administration's dismissal of federal prosecutors. I heard Marshall interviewed yesterday on NPR and he outlined a very plausible view of how citizen-journalists can play an important role in moving forward stories and fact-checking others. As he explained it, if people prove themselves reliable over time, and speedy in correcting mistakes, it only enhances their credibility. Kind of like how reporters have worked for a long time, with a new twist. 

This is one of the points that Matt Jerzyk made last week on 10 News Conference, during his steel-cage match with WPRO-AM's Dan Yorke. 

Here in RI, I consider RI Future and its conservative counterpart, Anchor Rising, must reading for political afficionados.

The latest entry to the scene is, directed by Tom Shevlin, who helmed GOP AG candidate Bill Harsch's 2006 campaign. Tom reports that his site, which is set for a formal launch on April 1, has logged 1000+ hits in its first few days.

And yes, N4N also has a bit of game when it comes to flushing out the news.

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