Decatur Lounge facing eviction

UPDATE: John Lombardi calls the Decatur's pending eviction "a personal matter between a tenant and a landlord. It's a business issue. What's behind it . . . that's a question that really needs to be directed at him [Jon Ozbek]."

I have a call in to Ozbek and will post additional details if and when I hear back.

Lombardi, who credits the Decatur with improving the surrounding neighborhood, says he has never heard the police or licensing board complain about the establishment. While the Decatur's lease is due to expire over the next week, he says, formal eviction proceedings could take more time.

Lombardi spoke positively about Ozbek and bar operator Joann Seddon. "If I'm asked, I would love to help bridge the gap between the tenant and the landlord," he says. "They're great people."

. . . .

Multiple sources tell N4N that the Decatur Lounge, the popular bar on Providence's West Side that functions more as a community center than a tavern, is facing imminient eviction by its landlord, property owner Jon Ozbek.

Decatur supporters are mobilizing, placing calls to city councilor John Lombardi, whose ward encompasses the bar.

Since opening about five years ago, the Decatur has been the scene of countless benefits, as well as a vibrant watering hole for an eclectic mix of locals.

I have a call in to Joann Seddon, the nightlife veteran who operates the bar, and will try to post additional details later today.

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