bestnom1000x50 gets sexy!

First off--and by way of a disclaimer--let me say that I'm usually a big fan. I think the site's well-presented, and getting more so; I'm a frequent reader; and the Big Picture blog, about which I'll be writing later this week, is just outstanding.

All that said, this feature--"Where in the world are the sexiest people?"--is a total hoot. Based on two separate lists of sexy males and females drawn from Matador Nights, the write-up does three things. It explains where the sexy people are. It explains why they're sexy. And then, for good measure, it offers examples of sexy individuals from the places in question.

By way of example, I give you the men of Manila.

Here's the explanation: "If you're looking for some old-fashioned romance, the men of Manila, Philippines, are as sexy as they get."

And here's a glimpse of Manila's special brand of sexiness:


Also recommended: the women of Seoul ("Seoul style is singular and unique and shows the East Asian beauty"); the women of Tokyo ("With big beautiful eyes, sleek raven hair, and legs to die for, Japanese women from Tokoyo make the list"); and the men of London ("While Londoners are often perceived as cocky, stuffy and just plain unromantic, lads from London prove the stereotypes wrong with their witty jokes").

One more thing, just by way of an FYI: Matador Nights' original write-up of the world's sexiest ladies came from this guy:


 Viva the Web! And let's hope that the absurdist humor of's rewrite is totally intentional.

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