DQM variety basket

Since I was out of blog commission yesterday, there are a few loose ends I'd like to clear up.

--Three days later, the Globe is still using Sam Yoon as its stock young Asian guy.

--Speaking of the Globe, how about that Volvo/Red Sox advertorial?

--On a brighter note: Maria Cramer's front-page story on the 23 Bus was a riveting read on an important subject. And, as an added plus, the accompanying video effectively complimented the piece.

--The Herald gives online commenters this exhortation: "Please stay on topic and be respectful of others. Keep the conversation appropriate for all interested readers." In response to today's Howie Carr column, a reader posted this: "I'm so glad that trailer trash Clinton won, now it's time to get rid of that Kennedy asswipe Saddam Labumba." Maybe the Globe's no-comment policy is smart after all.

--Finally, best wishes to WEEI's Glenn Ordway, who's currently dealing with a truly nightmarish situation.

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