NYT McCain story nixed by Globe--corrected!

This is very interesting: the Boston Globe--which, as you may have heard, is owned by the New York Times Company--took a pass on running today's controversial Times piece on John McCain. Instead, the Globe printed a similar story that ran in the Washington Post.

NOTE: I'd originally written that the Globe not only A) chose the Post's story over the Times's, but B) edited out the Post's own reference to an alleged romantic liaison between McCain and lobbyist Vicki Iseman (see below). However, Foon Rhee, the Globe's deputy national political editor, has informed me that the Post story that hit the wires last night didn't include such a reference; instead, it was added today to the version currently on the Post's Web site.

So let me correct myself. It's the Post's original story that's a confusing read--not the Globe's rendition of the Post's story--because you can't tell why the McCain camp is so upset about the Times story.

That said, I'd still call the Globe's decision to print the Post's story rather than the Times's a tacit rebuke of its big corporate sibling. And I'd still say the decision was a smart one.

But the Globe's tacit rebuke of its big corporate sibling didn't stop there. The suggestion of a romantic relationship between McCain and lobbyist Vicki Iseman appears in the second paragraph of the Times's story. The Post puts it in paragraph four and downplays it considerably (in part by citing the Times's piece, which was posted first). The Globe, however, eliminates it entirely.

As a result, the Globe's version can be a bit confusing if read in isolation. (It's not clear, for example, why McCain advisor Charles R. Black is so worked up about the the Times "smear[ing]" McCain and spreading "false gossip.") Still, given the avalanche of criticism triggered by the Times's report, I'd say the Globe made a smart call.

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