Who jinxed the Patriots?

So many choices! Was it:

1. The Globe, for prematurely hawking its book on the Pats' perfect season;

2. the Herald, for doing the same thing;

3. Tom Menino, for his pregame parade talk;

4. Arlen Specter, for his well-timed suggestion that Congress investigate Spygate;

5. the NFL, for destroying the Spygate tapes last fall and allowing the scandal to fester indefinitely;

6. Jets coach Eric Mangini, for starting Spygate in the first place;

7. Herald reporter John Tomase, for reporting that the Patriots may have taped the Rams before Super Bowl XLII;

8. Gisele Bundchen, for sapping Tom Brady's testosterone;

9. Bridget Moynahan, for tarnishing Brady's luster (or helping him tarnish it himself);

10. Randy Moss, for allowing whatever happened in Florida to happen;

11. Randy Moss, for doing that dumb swim thing after scoring the go-ahead touchdown last night;

12. Don Shula and the rest of the '72 Dolphins;

13. the Patriots' smug, overconfident fans?

I'm partial to 5., 8. and 13., myself.


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