The Moss mess

The Randy Moss restraining-order story is brand new, and it could be a while before we know what actually happened.

That said, a couple things stood out in today's flurry of coverage.

First: Moss's 2002 run-in with a Minneapolis traffic-control officer, which led to a misdemeanor traffic violation plea, was more ominous than it's being made out to be. The AP's Howard Ulman says that Moss "bumped a traffic control officer with his car" in that incident. But here's the description from the police report:
[Moss] had attempted to make a left hand turn from the wrong lane.... The victim stepped in front of the vehicle and told him to stop. [Moss] continued to move the vehicle forward, pushing the victim about a half block down Marquette [Avenue] until she was finally pushed down.
Earlier today, Moss said: "I want to make something clear. In my whole entire life of living 30 years, I've never put my hand on one woman, physically or in an angry manner." Given what happened in 2002, this statement needs an asterisk.

Also, the overall ambiguity of Moss's comments to reporters today was striking. He said the woman in question had "an accident where she hurt herself." But he also said this: "Now ,I think if there was such a thing in the court system as an accident, then that's what I'm guilty for." And this: "Like I said, if I'm guilty, I am truly sorry."

More as it develops.

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