The Eldridge omission

Here's what David Marcus, the AP's Southern New England bureau chief, has to say about AP's failure to mention Jamie Eldridge in a recent article on the 5th Congressional District race:
What happened was that we did call the Eldridge campaign asking for the information. They did not get back to us in time for the story. But we neglected to mention that they did not get back to us in the story. Since then, they've gotten back to us, and we are producing a short separate [article] with that information [i.e., Eldridge's fundraising numbers]. We have covered the Eldridge camp in the past, and of course we will do so in the future.
My two cents: obviously, Eldridge should have been mentioned in the AP piece. But while the Eldridge campaign should expect to at least be acknowledged in any article on the race, I'd also say someone from the Eldridge camp should have initiated a call to the AP as soon as those fundraising numbers were public, simply to give Eldridge's totals the best spin possible. In the wise words of Charley at Blue Mass. Group:

Note to the Eldridge campaign: You might want to introduce yourselves to the AP reporter on your beat.

Note to AP: ... and vice versa.

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